“She truly captured his essence and the only word I can use to describe her work is magical.”

-Victoria Leigh


Katie Emmitt Art - Cat Portrait


Ms. Katie is my portrait go-to person. Superb artistry is an understatement… The experience of getting portraits done through her is nothing short of a breeze. When you’re doing business, she makes your commission a top priority. Her eye for detail is impeccable and that’s really appreciated as an artist and detail oriented person myself. Pricing is extremely fair & your artwork comes like it’s being sent to a museum. I’ve found it very hard to dissect her method of techniques, as a million “brushstrokes” are cohesively brought together on every single piece. She’s damn near perfected forced perspective blurs which makes her portraits POP and stand out from other artists. I can’t say enough good things about what you WILL receive and it’s all done in an extremely timely manner, with care, passion, and dedication. It’s really hard to get this quality of work for these prices with such a quick turn around.

– Dom Colella

Katie did an amazing job on our commission of my parent’s dog, Tucker. She truly captured his essence and the only word I can use to describe her work is magical. My dad was moved to tears when he opened it on Christmas morning! I look forward to using her again. Absolutely genius work!

– Victoria Leigh



I just can’t get over it… I am never at a loss for words and I just can’t describe what it feels like to look at this. You captured her perfectly but it feels like so much more than that. The part of her that feels lost and gone after she died feels somehow brought back to life in this portrait… She was the best dog and while we have her ashes and lots of memories, this portrait feels like all the untethered-ness left behind after she was gone has come together. I endlessly love this! And you!!! I can’t thank you enough!

– Maureen Weisman

I’ve admired your work for a long time and have always been amazed by how realistic your drawings are. You have such a beautiful talent. When my almost 16 year old dog, Boomer, passed I knew you were who I would pick to honor him. Having him for 16 years myself, he was my baby. You captured his spirit and fluffy face and even his nose was perfect. I also had you do my 5 year old who passed a few years ago, her name was Puttsi. She was my husbands baby and a rescue who was the sweetest ever. You captured her so perfectly and it was really special to share that with my husband. Thank you for the memories and kindness. Excellent communication, timeliness, and wonderfully packaged for delivery. I highly recommend everyone to get art from Katie!

– Alyson Finkelstein Horton


When my parents beloved dog crossed the rainbow bridge, I knew Katie would be the perfect fit to create something sweet to commemorate her life. My parents were brought to tears when they saw it. As a long time follower of Katie’s artwork, it is hard to put into words how unbelievably lifelike her portraits are – regardless of size or color option. On top of the amazing work – excellent communication/service. Fair pricing at several price points, helpful & responsive, and I had the portrait much sooner than I expected! Highly recommend!

– Bry Nicoletti

Custom Cat Portrait Drawing by Katie Emmitt Art

Katie created a piece of our sweet Neffy and I can’t recommend her enough. Perfect person to go to if you want a pet portrait done. Lots of options too between different sizes, black and white vs color, and she helps choose the photo that will work best and bring the best results out in the artwork!

– Jordan Abel



This is absolutely gorgeous, it’s even better in person! This is easily my favorite piece of artwork in my house!

– Alex Grogan

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Katie Emmitt Art Custom Pet Portrait Testimonials