Interested in having your own custom piece of artwork, created just for you?

Look no further!


Katie has completed dozens of commissioned pieces of artwork since 2009 in oils, pastels, pencil, and charcoal - many leading to return customers!

Photo comparison of a 2016 commission.


Throughout the process, Katie will send progress photos, time lapse video, and ask for your input on the drawing. She works very hard to ensure that each customer is satisfied with the work when it is complete.


Progress photos from a 2016 commission.


Finished artwork for the Gleeson family.









UP TO 11"X14"

$90 $225 $325 $300 $400
UP TO 16"X20" $175 $300 $375 $350 $450
UP TO 20"X24" N/A $350 $450 $400 $550










(Prices for commissioned paintings coming soon)

Contact Katie using this site's contact form (or email to ask any questions and to set up your own consultation. Your commission will come unframed. Katie recommends having it framed behind UV resistant glass, to protect the artwork for hundreds of years to come (museum quality is best). You are required to produce at least one high quality photo for the artist to work from - good lighting, in focus, etc. Additional photos of the subject (animal, pet, or otherwise), are helpful as well, as they help the artist to get a better feel of the subject's features. Additional fees may apply if the artist has to alter the artwork from the image provided, or combine multiple photos. She will also ask that you write a little about the person or animal in the photo, so she can better capture the essence of their spirit in the work. Payment can be made through PayPal, personal check, or through a custom listing on the site. The artist requires, at minimum, a $150 non refundable deposit at the time of starting the work. The rest must be paid before the artwork is shipped out. There are no additional fees for shipping. Unless otherwise stated by the commissioner, the artist will share progress photos on all social media platforms and finished photos on her website, The artist is also available to print custom prints of the finished artwork or custom greeting cards at an additional cost.


                  PAST COMMISSIONS                


Hank & Ducky, for Lynn and Nancy Brant


Charlie, For Lynn & Nancy Brant


Karma, framed, for Lynn & Nancy Brant


Danner, For Lynn & Nancy Brant


Commission for Britney Meyer


Comission for Britney Meyer


Pecos, Comission for Terence & Lisa McAuliffe


Rosie, Commission for Billy Abbott



Gift to the Williams family




"We have artwork throughout our home but the pieces we find ourselves gazing at so often are the drawings of our pets done by Katie. For each drawing she wanted to get to know that animal through photos and stories - what was it like? what are it's quirks? what was the relationship with us like? This rare talent combined with such empathy created portraits that I can only describe as windows into the essence and energy of our friends. In a fire we save the actual animals first, and these drawings next!"

-Lynn Brant